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Backup Software for Home Use

Now you can get the same great backup software from a leader in the industry free with Veeam Backup Free Edition. Perfect for home use or small businesses that require virtual machines to be backed up. Download it today and try it out!

Feature Filled Backup Product

When you think of free software you very rarely think of a fully functional backup product. But that's what Veeam Backup Free Edition. If you are running virtual servers for any reason then this is the most effective backup software to use. Backup stright from ESXi or HyperVisor to a backup location to keep your files and machines safe from disaster. Choose the amount of retention that you need to suit your business needs whether just last nights or weeks of files (backup storage space depending).

Recover your Data Quickly and Easily

Veeam Backup Free Edition gives you great tools for quickly recovering your data. Since Veeam backs up the entire VM you have a complete and functioning machine backed up and ready to deploy onto replacement hardware. Or if you just need to recover certain files you can dig into the VM and recover anything at a granular level. Protect your data and VM's today with Veeam Backup Free Edition.


  • Great free backup software from an industry leader in backup technology
  • Recover either whole VM's or dig deeper into the virtual machine to recover specific files
  • Myriad of options for retention and backup scheduling


  • Only backs up Virtual Machines running on ESXi or Hypervisor does not backup physical machines
  • Free version is lacking some Enterprise level features like offsite replication


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Veeam Backup Free Edition


Veeam Backup Free Edition 9 for PC


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